About Lisa Martin, PCC

Lisa Martin has made it her mission to help companies keep and cultivate leaders. She’s the creator of the Lead + Live Better™ leadership programs, author of 5 books (including the bestselling Briefcase Moms), and a seasoned speaker, facilitator and executive coach.

For the past 15 years Lisa has designed and delivered leadership programs for PwC, Time Warner Cable, HSBC, TELUS, Vancouver Canucks, Rogers Communications, UBC … and many others.

Her powerful, easy-to-use Lead + Live Better™ turnkey leadership licensing solutions  empower organizations to cultivate amazing leaders at every level.

She’s coached thousands of people on the art of thriving as a leader and in life and counseled companies on creating leadership capacity.

Lisa is a frequent speaker for corporations, international conferences and universities. She’s known for her fun, straight-shooting speaking style and her intuitive sense for her audience.

She does all this as the founder of Lisa Martin International, a boutique leadership development firm with global scope, which equips organizations to deliver powerful leadership development in-house.

If you are interested in Lisa as a keynote speaker check out her videos and topics.

What came before Lisa Martin International?  A lot of leadership lessons.

Lisa’s Corporate Kickstart

Lisa’s journey in the corporate world began as a PR consultant. By the age of 28 she was a business owner and by the age of 30 she had sold her first company to a national firm. She then served as the youngest partner ever at Canada’s largest PR agency.

All of this led to a big conclusion at an early age: material success alone doesn’t equal happiness. So Lisa began her journey to understand the mysterious alchemy that creates career and life meaning.

Rethinking Everything

She threw herself into the study of thriving: reading, researching, attending conferences, interviewing experts … she was a woman obsessed.

She then applied her learning. Rather than chasing common life ideals, she focused on aspirations that matched her unique values. Rather than heaving herself into big life change, she altered her career and personal life through gradual (but powerful) tweaks.

Happiness Happened

Happiness happened. Achievements happened. She knew she was onto something big. She began coaching leaders using her personal methodology. Eventually she wrote the bestselling book, Briefcase Moms based on her coaching experiences with high-achieving women.

Cultivating Leaders

Next, Lisa developed a series of potent, robust leadership programs for companies based on her unique methodology.  Today she licenses her leadership programs to organizations that want the freedom to develop high-impact, thriving leaders their way on their schedule.

Factoids About Lisa

  • Founded three companies, sold one to a national corporation

  • Received her professional coaching certification, PCC (2003)

  • Authored bestseller, Briefcase Moms (Cornerview Press, 2004)

  • Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award Nominee (2005)

  • Co-founded Progressive Employers of Canada List (2009)

  • Influential Women in Business Award Nominee (2010)

  • YWCA’s Women of Distinction Award Nominee (2012)

  • Authored Lead + Live Books (2014)

  • Board Member, EasyPark (2014 –

  • Member of Vancouver Board of Trade’s Women Leadership Circle Advisory Committee & Communications Sub-Committee (2009-2015)

  • Forum Facilitator and Committee Member for Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (2010)

  • Facilitator & Mentor for Women’s Executive Network (2012)

  • Mentor for Women in Leadership (2011-2012)

  • Volunteer for The Minerva Foundation (2004-2005)

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