A Simple Way To Plan And Sustain Your Capacity in 2017 (Free Webinar)

Often, I think we’re misguided on how we approach capacity planning. In 2017, one of my primary goals — is to fix that — to help you build capacity for all areas of your life AND stay on track all year. No overwhelm. No burnout. No boredom. Here’s what I mean: first of all, there…

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What’s Your Theme for 2017? (Updated)

Ever since I began executive coaching (about 18 years ago) I’ve asked my clients to choose a theme for the coming year. I’m going to ask you to do the same. Over the years my clients have picked all manner of themes including ‘creating community’, ‘power’, ‘dialing back’, ‘authentic passion’ and ‘calm and quiet’. What…

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Lisa’s Top 5 Leadership Authors (and why you want to read them)

On the paperback side of the book publishing industry, more than four titles per day are released with ‘leadership’ in them. Leadership books and authors are seemingly everywhere. How do you cut through all these releases and figure out who’s best to read in specific contexts? I’m here to help.   Here are my top…

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Accelerate Your Leadership in 2017 [Free Webinar]

It seems like the work is piling up, but the corresponding benefits are not. There are cries of economic stagnation from gurus. You’re doing 11 hours a day or more and you’re not seeing the end results you want. It’s becoming frustrating, right? You’re frustrated because you’re a human being. Work is supposed to be…

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Empathy driving profit

The Truth About Empathy Driving Profit Every Modern Leader Must Know

What if I told you that by creating a more loving, compassionate work culture, you could drive better results and make more money? Right now you may be nodding your head in agreement … or shaking it in disbelief. If you are doing the former, there’s a good chance you’ve embraced the Empathy Era. Congratulations.…

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7 ways to assess and develop your self worth

7 Ways to Assess and Develop Your Self-Worth

Developing self-worth is hard for many of us. And because we spend so much time at work, the connection between perceptions of self-worth and your job become massive. The path to good, priority-driven, high-ROI work is often paved with feelings of worthiness, but we can easily become distracted from this path.   Here’s a 2-step…

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