One of the benefits of having coached thousands of leaders from various industries and positions over the years is that I am constantly exposed to a variety of personalities, experiences and stories.

I learn so much about top leaders – what gets them up in the morning, what keeps them awake at night, and what makes them great at what they do. Every coaching session, every workshop, and every conversation I have with leaders teaches me so much, so I thought I would share with you the top 5 leadership lessons I’ve learned through my work as an executive coach:

Leadership Lessons

Lesson 1: Love people. Truly impactful leaders have a passion for people. They care about others, and genuinely want to see others succeed. They create people-based cultures, and wholeheartedly understand the power of relationships. They are invested in the well-being of those who surround them.

Lesson 2: Show up consistently. The best leaders are those who make commitments – and follow through. They build trust by leading by example, and don’t shy away from tough situations. These leaders are able to build trust and valuable relationships with others, and in turn, they receive the same respect.

Lesson 3: Know what rocks your world.  Leaders who are truly passionate about their work see great success. Enthusiasm and drive are infectious qualities. Having a sense of purpose and meaning for your work – knowing what rocks your world, will guide others to strive for that same job satisfaction. Knowing your values, aligning them with the values of your company, and then practicing value-based leadership will garner great results.

Lesson 4: Listen – and listen more.  People aren’t motivated by what you want them to do, they are motivated by what they hope to achieve. Great leaders find out what motivates others – and the only way to truly understand what others want is to listen. Without keen listening skills, we lose the ability to connect with others, and having strong relationships is what gets you further in life – especially as a leader.

Lesson 5: See beyond barriers. Expansiveness is a vital ingredient to success as a leader. Having the ability to see things from various perspectives, to not take no for an answer, and to deal with ambiguity – these are all valuable skills that contribute to a leader's appeal.

Coaching others through my Lead + Live Better™turnkey leadership learning solutions  has not only led to great results for my clients, but has taught me life skills that make me a better leader and coach. A win-win partnership.

Lisa Martin, PCC

About Lisa Martin, PCC

I help high achievers – people like you – Lead + Live Better™. I support new and seasoned leaders to gain the clarity and confidence to work more effectively and have more impact. And I equip organizations with leadership development programs which cultivate amazing leaders at every level.


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