Capacity Planning WebinarOften, I think we’re misguided on how we approach capacity planning.

In 2017, one of my primary goals — is to fix that — to help you build capacity for all areas of your life AND stay on track all year. No overwhelm. No burnout. No boredom.

Here’s what I mean: first of all, there are about 17,191 courses (that might be a low number) on productivity and capacity planning, and probably 80 percent of those are launched during January. (“New Year, new you!”) The problem is: many of these courses have a narrow focus  like how to ‘kick-start the year’ or ‘best year ever’ tips without context or structure on how to maintain these new habits throughout the year. Seems like a fairly large flaw in the process.

Imagine having the capacity (you’ve been missing) for what matters most?  Sign-up for my free 30-minute webinar called: A Simple Way To Plan and Sustain Your Capacity In 2017.  Register here.

My goal when I work with people on capacity planning is to approach it holistically. In the simplest terms, that means looking at the whole year. I just did that for myself. I sat down and planned out my entire year — all the way to December 31, 2017 — to make sure that I (a) max my capacity and (b) don’t burn out with ambitious plans. Will some of it change? Possibly. But I find that the 30,000-foot view is crucial.

Consider this micro example: there are 8,760 hours in a year. Most full-time, first-world workers spend about 2,000 hours of that dedicated to their job. But is the full 2,000 really that productive? Often it’s not. We spend about 28-35% of our time checking email, for example. Most of us spend 372 hours/year in meetings. (It often feels like more.)

When you get down to it, you typically have somewhere between 560 and 900 really effective working hours in a year. That’s about 4.21 per day — and oftentimes you might be working 12 hours a day, right? There’s a lot of fat that can be trimmed, and generally more effective approaches that can be taken. So you can get more out of your whole life.

Want to get more out of your whole life? Join me on January 18th at 10 am PST for my FREE 30-minute webinar on full-year capacity planning. Some of what we’ll cover:

  • Why it’s so important to take a longview with capacity planning (and what happens if you don’t)
  • How to tell if you are operating at optimal capacity or at risk of boredom or burning out
  • The one thing you must do to identify your highest priorities, focus and direction for 2017
  • A 3-step process to ensure you do the right things instead of more things
  • The secret to successful calendar planning so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you
  • What you can do daily to maximum your productivity and achieve the goals you set for the year
  • The new crucial role of Fridays in your game plan
  • What's happening with the pilot of my interactive, online program the Lead + Live Better™ Intensive and how you can participate in the 2017 program (registration now open)

I know you’re busy, but I’d love to have you join. The habits you ingrain around week-to-week, month-to-month planning in January are absolutely essential to goal achievement when you look back in December. We’re going to take a much broader, wider view here and I’m excited to share some tips and research with you.

Here’s the registration link.

Lisa Martin, PCC

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