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Are You A High-Impact, Thriving Leader?

With all the books, speeches, webinars, trainings, and more, leadership is a $44B industry globally. That might imply some degree of complexity, but instead, I believe the definition of leadership is maddeningly simple: it’s a combination of leading oneself and leading others.

How do you drive yourself to take action, but also drive others?

If you understand the answers to those questions, you can usually become a thriving, impactful leader.


You may be thinking: ‘that’s a great definition of leadership, but how do I get there?’

In my experience of 25+ years of working with leaders, the challenge of powerful leadership is not what you know, but rather how you show up and what you do.

It’s about the way you go about achieving and thriving.

The 3 practices of high-impact, thriving leaders

1. People: The focus word here is relationships. If you’re strong on the people continuum of high-impact, thriving leadership, it means people support you. They support your ideas — and they trust you. And you help them to grow and succeed. When situations are rough or others need support, they come to you. You’re a coach and a confidant.

2. Growth: The key word here is learning, or maybe development. This is about moving forward in your career at your desired pace. It’s about being a lifelong learner. You get offered ‘stretch’ roles. Your leadership brand is solid internally and externally; people know what they can expect when dealing with you, and it makes them feel comfortable in what you can take on.

3. Results: This is about achievements, and this is conventionally what we measure or focus on within the context of work. It’s not necessarily just KPIs, though — while you want to be satisfied with business outcomes and exceed targets set for you, you also want to be happy at work and home. Results must have a degree of balance. And it’s not only about your results … it’s about the results you help others obtain and the way in which you facilitate those outcomes.

High-impact, thriving leaders have a mix of all three of these aspects. They build relationships, they grow and develop, and they achieve results. That’s where you want to end up. That’s how you get to a place where you set clear priorities, you have a healthy balance of personal and professional, and you’re not staring at your email but, instead, engaging with others.

How would one reach the high-impact, thriving stage, quickly?

This blog post is not only an explanation of how you can be a more powerful leader, it’s also an invitation to let me help you get there faster.

You can join my leadership development program, the Lead + Live Better™ Intensive running April-May 2017. (Plus you receive year-long access to the materials.)

I realize there are hundreds of different leadership and coaching programs out there. One of the biggest advantages to mine is the community and virtual nature of it: you’re learning from me at the same time as others, who often are in different parts of the world and from different industries via an interactive online platform. You are a part of a group of knowledge-givers and seekers. People you can lean on for shared learning and collaboration … without having to get on a plane or a train or in a taxi.

We also talk regularly about important topics that often aren’t discussed in typical leadership learning environments … and students practice these concepts in real-time during the program and in their workplaces. We discuss formulas for building trust with others, the importance of brain science, how to think about your capacity for a series of projects, how to coach others, the value of courage, building character, and more.

This is a community of people thinking, acting, and living a path to their best selves, personally and professionally. That’s always what I’ve admired most about the cohorts I work with.

I want you to be a high-impact, thriving leader. To be the best leader you can be, while at the same time experiencing a less stressed life. To be supported by a community of growth-oriented leaders who are as excited about your success as they are their own.

Sound good? Learn more here or contact me at: or 1-604-988-9394.

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I help high achievers – people like you – Lead + Live Better™. I support new and seasoned leaders to gain the clarity and confidence to work more effectively and have more impact. And I equip organizations with leadership development programs which cultivate amazing leaders at every level.


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