Most people believe they are listening when others talk. But of course believing something doesn’t make it real.

We live in a society where it’s common to read an incoming text or email while sitting across the table from someone.

You may find yourself scanning the news while you’re on a conference call, or mentally preparing for one meeting while sitting in another.

You might even praise yourself for your multi-tasking talents and supreme levels of efficiency. But your ‘efficiency’ comes at a cost.

Your to-do list might be shorter but you’re sacrificing real moments of human connection. Is this the choice you want to make?

People with strong relationships get farther in life and work, and they’re happier for it.

Success doesn’t come from a completed to-do list. It comes from fully experiencing your life and the people in it. This can’t be done without heartfelt connection.

If you are really listening when people speak, you hear far more than just words. You tune into subtext, which is often far more important. You hear unspoken concerns and challenges. You’re aware of the hidden interests and talents of people around you.

And you just know people better. It’s one thing to have pleasant, polite relationships. It’s another to see the unique light that shines in each person and to feel a true connection.

So, back to my original question…are you really listening?

Lisa Martin, PCC

About Lisa Martin, PCC

I help high achievers – people like you – Lead + Live Better™. I support new and seasoned leaders to gain the clarity and confidence to work more effectively and have more impact. And I equip organizations with leadership development programs which cultivate amazing leaders at every level.


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