7 Ways to Assess and Develop Your Self-Worth

7 ways to assess and develop your self worth

Developing self-worth is hard for many of us. And because we spend so much time at work, the connection between perceptions of self-worth and your job become massive. The path to good, priority-driven, high-ROI work is often paved with feelings of worthiness, but we can easily become distracted from this path.   Here’s a 2-step…

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3 Feedback Mistakes Leaders Make

3 feedback mistakes leaders make

Simply put, the lack of feedback in most offices is stunning. The numbers vary by survey, but in general about 40% of first-world workers report receiving no feedback from their direct supervisor. Well here’s the inherently logical result: 98% of workers report being disengaged as a result of this lack of feedback. (So, are you…

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Why Most Of Us Have No Idea How to Lead Effectively

Here’s a (not-so) fun fact about conventional management that you might not be aware of. In 1911 — yes, 105 years ago — Frederick Winslow Taylor wrote a book called The Principles of Scientific Management. This tome became the prevailing management approach for many organizations. You would think that newer, more modernized approaches to management…

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How To Thrive Now That Work-Life Balance Is Dead

I’ll come out and say now, because this post will work better if we’re upfront with each other at the beginning: work-life balance is dead. I wish I could say it lived a good and full life, but it didn’t. Most of the time it was around, it was a buzzword. Work-life  balance was never…

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Thank You & Blogging Break

How did it get to be the end of June already? In January, the beginning of the Summer seems like a distant dream, and then, wham! – here it is. June often feels like the ‘end of the year’ to me (I’m sure it’s a hangover from many years in the school system). As such,…

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[New Webinar] 5 Ways To Build Presence

Do you have it? Do they have it? Do you (and those you lead) command the room, leave a lasting impression and inspire a sense of trust in others? If there were a way to help you and your people show up every day confident and decisive – able to build strong relationships, communicate effectively,…

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Are You An Obnoxious Leader?

Lisa Martin blog post Presence vs Obnoxiousness

Sometimes people think they have presence, when in fact, they are exuding something else entirely: obnoxiousness. I know you may not think this is you – but most obnoxious leaders aren’t aware of how they appear to others. Obnoxiousness is on a spectrum – it can appear in small or medium-sized doses that are totally…

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