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Episode 13: How To Build Emotional Courage

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. What’s your self-concept? Are you a good leader, or a great one? Wondering what the difference is? Emotional courage. Today, my guest is Peter Bregman, author of Leading with Emotional Courage: How to Have Hard Conversations, Create Accountability, and Inspire Action On Your Most Important Work. He is…

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Episode 12: How To Embrace Your Feminine Energy

When I first started my career in PR, being feminine in the work place was perceived as weak, and thus you can be sure I did everything in my power to hide or mask many of my feminine traits.  While the perception of femininity in the work place has changed quite a bit since then,…

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Episode 11: How To Boost Your Leadership Presence

There’s one thing that every female leader needs to do: Give presentations! People that give powerful presentations, win! The exciting thing about presenting is that you have 100% control over how you decide to show up at any given presentation. On today’s episode, I outline how giving powerful presentations can boost your leadership presence, the…

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Episode 10: How To Create A Work-Optional Life

There has never been a more opportune time for women to build and manage their own wealth. It’s been estimated that two-thirds of the wealth in the United States will be controlled by women in 2030. On today’s episode, I sit down with First Vice President & Portfolio Manager at The Wong Group and author of…

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Episode 9: How To Be Wealthy

What does wealth mean to you? For me, wealth is not necessarily about a number, but is rather about an emotional state. It means you have a mindset of abundance. In today’s episode of the FLOURISH for Female Leaders podcast, I talk all about How To Be Wealthy. Click the link below to learn the…

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Episode 8: How To Create Your Theme For 2019

How can you make your biggest impact in 2019? What theme are you going to create for the coming year? A theme is an overriding intention or big picture focus that helps prioritize your actions to get what you want and to be able to flourish. In today’s episode, I break down the process and…

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Episode 6: How To Communicate Like A Leader

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”  Peter Drucker Do you know the one difference between being a good communicator and an excellent communicator? The latter communicates like a leader and moves people from compliance to commitment. On today’s episode, I share the tips and tricks necessary to communicate like a…

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Episode 5: How To Achieve Optimal Brain Health

Listen to the Full Episode: Ever wonder what impact our fluctuating hormones have on our brain? As women, our brains go through many transitions during adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, and aging. On today’s episode I sit down with Dr. Sarah McKay, a neuroscientist and author of The Women’s Brain Book to explore the neuro myths and facts…

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Episode 4: How To Create Optimal Capacity

Listen to the Full Episode: About 60% of North Americans feel that they do not have enough time in their day to get everything done, and 75% feel stressed every day at work. Can you relate? What is capacity? Optimal capacity? Above or below capacity? Where are you on the burnout to boredom continuum? In…

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