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Building Trust Is The Key To Collaboration

You can’t inspire and lead collaborative efforts without one fundamental requirement: trust. Do people believe you’ll do what you say you will? Here’s the reality of many corporate cultures. People are in a meeting, mostly agreeing on a stated direction. Discussion takes place. Commitments are made. People leave the room. Some of what was discussed happens…

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10 Ways To Deal With Self-Doubt

Important confession up front here: I suffer from self-doubt. I’m sure you may have experienced self-doubt, too. How am I so sure of that? Well, many leaders have confided in me that they’ve had bouts of self-doubt. In fact, a few years ago I coached a well-known business leader with a strong North American presence.…

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Embrace Fear

Here’s an interesting note on human nature. People tend to stay the same unless they believe they have more to gain than lose by changing. That’s why people stay in unhealthy relationships or careers they find unsatisfying. It’s why some people are always cooking up a grand new scheme, but never actually implement it. More…

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Get Past The Fear Of Speaking Up

Let’s start here: Are you overjoyed when you don’t need to say anything in a meeting? Do you tend to clam up when things get tense at home? Spontaneously voicing a clear, concise opinion can be intimidating. It’s like the universe suddenly shines a spotlight on you and says, ‘Go on, then. Sound smart.’ Some…

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Try Thriving Over Striving for a Great 2018

There’s a counterintuitive aspect to how many of us approach the end of the year. Planning and goal-setting is often about more, more, more. Add more goals to your plate. Put more plans in place. We’re all already stressed, right? We haven’t gotten through the bulk of the ‘17 to-do list yet and we’re adding…

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3 Ways to Be More Persuasive

Your voice is one of the most potent tools you possess. You can be visionary, brilliant and skilled, but if you can’t convince others to support your mission, you won’t thrive. Simple as that. I cringe when I see people use their voices aggressively, but I know it’s because they don’t understand the arts of…

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Leadership Is Dying And We Need To Save It

There are stats everywhere that suggest this is the case. One of the most troubling to me is this, per McKinsey research: 95% of employees at mid-size to large companies cannot name the strategy of where they work. It’s relatively easy to argue that a function of leadership is to convey a strategy throughout the…

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Hire AND Fire for Character

I was having dinner with a friend recently; she’s higher up in her organization and has hiring duties. Naturally, talk turns to work. (Everyone spends a lot of time there; this happens.) She says she recently had an open role and narrowed it down to the top choice, who she brought back in for some…

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