When you’re leading others, you need to move beyond just a personal commitment to collaboration. Your role is to contribute to the creation of a collaborative culture, where everyone is responsible for sharing knowledge and resources.

A collaborative culture is defined by the following 5 characteristics:

collaborative culture1. People don’t see information or resources as personal possessions. Instead, they willingly (and enthusiastically) share them broadly.

2. Disputes are resolved based on the best interests of the company, not on who wields the most power or makes the best argument.

3. Contributions are valued based on merit.

4. Decision-making is transparent. As a leader, you communicate your thought process so people at all levels of the organization understand how you arrived at your conclusions.

5. Collaboration is systematized and rewarded. It’s not accidental. There are systems in place to foster and incent cross-team pollination.

Even if your current corporate culture is notably un-collaborative, you’re in the position to shift it. It begins with you adopting these 5 characteristics with your direct team and modelling these behaviours within your company.

Of course, you can’t create a collaborative culture alone. But you can pave the way.


In order to effectively lead and work as part of a team, your role as a leader is to adopt and implement these 5 characteristics to encourage your team to participate in a collaborate culture. Working collaboratively will maximize your impact on both your organization and its employees.

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