There has never been a more opportune time for women to build and manage their own wealth. It’s been estimated that two-thirds of the wealth in the United States will be controlled by women in 2030.

On today's episode, I sit down with First Vice President & Portfolio Manager at The Wong Group and author of Smart Risk, Maili Wong to discuss the Five P's of the Smart Risk road map, what Smart Risks are and how you can make them, the three reasons why women are better investors than men, and the two-types of plans everyone must-have to take Smart Risks and build a work-optional life.

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Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 02:00 Cultivating a Different Mindset Around Risk
  • 03:40 Purpose of Smart Risk: Think Differently About Risk
  • 03:55 Definition(s) of Risk
  • 06:15 Taking a Smart Risk – Weighing Consequences and Benefits
  • 07:48 Work-Optional Life: Do what you love without doing it as a job
  • 11:05 Smart Risk Roadmap (5 Ps)
  • 11:14 Purpose: What are you trying to achieve? What matters most?
  • 15:15 People: Circle of Trust; You’re Not Alone
  • 16:57 Plan: Financial and Investment
  • 18:47 Perspective: Healthy Mindset Around Money
  • 23:53 Positive Action: Take that Step and Make Changes
  • 25:40 Where to Start
  • 27:47 Investing: Women vs. Men
  • 34:15 Money = Power or Freedom
  • 34:52 Understand Where You’re At and How to Get to Where You Want to Go
  • 36:00 Flourishing for Maili: Acting in Alignment with Purpose
  • 38:30 Gratitude Prayer and Finding Peace

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