There’s one thing that every female leader needs to do: Give presentations! People that give powerful presentations, win! The exciting thing about presenting is that you have 100% control over how you decide to show up at any given presentation.

On today's episode, I outline how giving powerful presentations can boost your leadership presence, the three things to keep in mind when creating a powerful presentation, the two questions you should ask yourself and your audience when creating your presentation's purpose and the four core beliefs powerful presenters share.

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Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 02:22 Basics of Boosting Your Presentation Presence
  • 03:43 Top Dogs, PR, Pitches, and Presentations
  • 05:25 Get Your Head in the Game and Connect with Your Audience
  • 06:31 Start with the Inside First and Follow through with Behaviors
  • 07:22 Three Things to be Successful as a Presenter
  • 08:05 Fear: Giving Presentations is Scary
  • 08:49 Powerful Presentations have Purpose
  • 09:06 Internal and External Factors
  • 10:02 Cultivating Mindset
  • 11:49 Purpose: What do you want your audience to feel or do?
  • 13:06 Know Yourself and Your Audience; Use the W+W Grid
  • 14:40 You are What You Believe
  • 15:12 Four Core Beliefs of Powerful Presenters

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