When I first started my career in PR, being feminine in the work place was perceived as weak, and thus you can be sure I did everything in my power to hide or mask many of my feminine traits.  While the perception of femininity in the work place has changed quite a bit since then, feminine traits such as emotionality and sensitivity are still not heavily accepted in the work place, but the stigmas are changing, thanks to women like Amy Stanton, author of the book The Feminine Revolution.

On today's episode I chat with Amy, the former CMO for Martha Stewart Living, turned entrepreneur and author as she shares her personal story of feeling obliged to let go of her feminine traits as a result of working in a man’s world, the 21 ways to ignite the power of your femininity for a brighter life and why she believes it’s ok to cry at work.

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Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 02:33 Letting go of feminine qualities to thrive in a man’s world
  • 04:15 The Feminine Revolution identifies 21 feminine qualities that are superpowers
  • 05:02 Evidence that femininity is perceived as weak everywhere
  • 05:40 Man up and repress feminine qualities; toughen up to thrive in the workplace
  • 06:55 Sensitivity is a gift; allows you to connect with others and understand their needs
  • 07:50 Each women defines femininity for herself
  • 08:58 Amy’s book serves as a roadmap to turn negatives into positives
  • 11:17 Congruency: Embrace feminine power personally and professionally
  • 12:30 Problems in society due to toxic masculinity
  • 13:25 Femininity is not all-or-nothing, it’s nuanced
  • 15:30 Imposter Syndrome: Not authentic because of suppressing your feminine traits
  • 17:03 Are you a cryer? Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed; it’s because you care
  • 23:45 Taboo Feminine Qualities: Take small steps to evolve
  • 25:30 Enjoy glamour and express yourself through what you wear and your appearance
  • 27:20 Gossip and Chit-Chat: How women come together and make progress
  • 28:10 Embrace your domestic side; take care of others
  • 30:35 Juggling and capacity to do all kinds of things
  • 31:35 Femininity helps you to be a better leader
  • 34:20 Showing up as yourself displays confidence
  • 35:30 Flourishing for Amy is when she brings her best and feels her best

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