Financial education is not the key to female empowerment. What is? Closing the gap between what you know and what you do. It’s about your ability to confidently have a tough financial conversation with others. Women are equal to or superior to men when making financial decisions. So, they need to become comfortable with economic power.

In today's episode, my guest is Tracy Theemes, co-founder of the Sophia Wealth Academy, certified Financial Planner, and International Alliance for Women – World of Difference award winner. Also, Tracy is the author of, The Financially Empowered Woman, which helps women enhance their financial literacy and build their wealth.

Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 02:33 Sophia Wealth Academy: Financial education for women to take over the world
  • 04:45 Gap between knowing and root of doing
  • 07:25 Build your wealth to support your dreams (Stage 5 of Flourish Success Path)
  • 08:43 Jargon and Acronyms: What to say to speak the financial language
  • 11:47 Overcoming sense of shame around money
  • 13:23 Crisis of Meaning: How to handle wealth first
  • 15:42 Communication Protocol: “I’m just wondering…would you be willing…”
  • 22:07 How to start an economic discussion
  • 23:09 Context of practice is support
  • 23:58 Women’s relationship to money and romance
  • 26:35 Setting a framework for the future on a first date
  • 29:30 Flourishing: Clarity to confusion to contributions

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