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Do you have habits? Good or bad? How do you create or convert them? Why are they important? What outcome comes from a steady diet of habits? According to my guest today, your life is not going to change, unless you change your habits.

On today's episode I am joined by my personal coach and friend, Hugh Culver, who is also a best-selling author, speaker, ultra-distance athlete, and habit expert. He specializes in productivity and habit creation and on today's show he shares practical tips on how to improve productivity by engaging in habits that work for you. It’s all about creating new habits and your behaviour to be a better leader.

Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 02:47 How Hugh became a habit expert – it all started with a cup of coffee
  • 04:40 Replace a bad habit with something else – continue to challenge yourself
  • 06:30 Keep a promise to yourself; makes you feel happier
  • 07:21 We make choices every day, some we can control
  • 10:35 Three Parts to a Habit: Cue, Routine, and Reward
  • 11:25 Using a chart to transfer/transform bad habits to good habits; what’s your reward?
  • 17:45 Habits don’t work if they’re too hard or too much – don’t make them unrealistic; think about how to successfully execute them
  • 20:20 By developing a habit, your willpower kicks in and offers lifestyle benefits
  • 24:45 Habits are part of the Flourish Success Path’s Stage 2 Energy – Maximize Your Power
  • 25:30 Fun to overcome your mind and body’s natural reactions; defeat negativity
  • 28:45 Being Big vs. Consistent – consistent, small wins are the most rewarding
  • 30:30 Timeline: Add a habit on top of something you’re already doing to make it stick
  • 33:30 Allow yourself forgiveness and a habit of recovery; you’re human, not a cyborg
  • 36:35 Time for yourself can be a habit that re-energizes you and prevents burnout
  • 39:25 Flourishing for Hugh is continuing to grow and learn in all aspects of his life
  • 42:40 One main habit that makes Hugh flourish? Carving out time on his calendar for what’s important – keeps him honest
  • 44:53 Habits – whether big or small – are essential for mastery

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