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Ever wonder what impact our fluctuating hormones have on our brain? As women, our brains go through many transitions during adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, and aging.

On today's episode I sit down with Dr. Sarah McKay, a neuroscientist and author of The Women's Brain Book to explore the neuro myths and facts related to women’s brains.

Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 01:48 How it all started – brain fog book idea
  • 05:10 Are symptoms of menopause related to your brain or hormones?
  • 06:34 Areas of brain involved with temperature regulation, emotion/mood, and sleep
  • 07:20 Neurobiology of stress; stress is not always a bad thing
  • 10:06 Surround yourself with people for support during difficult times
  • 11:34 Be a part of a tribe that accepts you
  • 12:12 Brain feels the same pain whether it’s due to social rejection or a broken bone
  • 13:32 Dementia and Alzheimer’s: Ways to use your brain to minimize risk
  • 15:32 Where and how you live your life during different stages
  • 17:25 Dunedin Study: Identifying who will have a long life, go to jail, etc.
  • 18:42 It’s never too early or late to make lifestyle changes and think positively
  • 21:20 Neuroplasticity: Practice and control emotions to improve your mental health
  • 28:35 Women in leadership roles need to get more sleep to be successful
  • 33:43 Flourishing means wellness is not just another item on your To Do list
  • 36:43 Bottom-Up: What do you need to support yourself in different dimensions?

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