“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.”  Peter Drucker

Do you know the one difference between being a good communicator and an excellent communicator? The latter communicates like a leader and moves people from compliance to commitment.

On today's episode, I share the tips and tricks necessary to communicate like a leader. I’ve been studying and helping people become better communicators for 20+ years. Listen to learn the three steps you can take to become an excellent communicator, as well as tips on how to listen well to influence others.

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Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 01:58 Communicate Like a Leader – Influence and Listen
  • 02:15 Commitment vs. Compliance: What’s the difference?
  • 03:42 Core competence consists of rational and emotional components
  • 05:09 Influence and respond to others by listening to them
  • 06:06 Listening to Influence: No lip service; be aware of iceberg
  • 07:46 Find intent and affirm your understanding of it
  • 08:01 Feelings: Be empathetic and identify unstated concerns
  • 09:33 Influence Goal: Maximize engagement with others to maximize your build in with others and minimize resistance to your ideas
  • 09:53 3-Steps with Stakeholders: Support, Influence, and Communication Strategies
  • 14:48 Commitment = Inspiration to Take Action

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