Pay attention to what your network sees in you. Your co-workers, friends, and mentors may see more in you than you see in yourself.

In today’s episode I talk with Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network. Kelly is an expert in how to network in today’s over-connected world. Listen as Kelly shares the benefits of intentionally building your network, knowing your superpower and why in both her career and life, she believes relationships are everything.

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Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • 03:57 Having a superpower that’s natural and intuitive
  • 04:31 Don’t highlight and build a network around the wrong skill set
  • 06:06 People network too much when saying what they’re doing
  • 07:18 Flintstones’ bash her over-the-head moment to write about what she is good at for a broader audience
  • 11:10 Old notion of networking as a sleazy, schmoozy activity during a time of need
  • 11:45 Power to build relationships to open our own doors and make things happen
  • 13:00 Make building your network a daily practice; start with core of existing relationships
  • 13:55 Foreplay of networking; get to know someone before meeting them
  • 16:33 Value of a strong network – relationships are everything
  • 18:36 Time it takes to network; networking is every human interaction, and you do it all the time – can you do it better?
  • 20:30 Three assets in life: Reputation, relationships, and time
  • 25:20 Leveraging technology and social media to foster long-term relationships
  • 27:55 Three Ps – People, People, People – to build meaningful relationships; then using three more Ps – persistence, planning, and politeness (p. 221)
  • 32:14 Secret to Networking: Don’t be a jerk!
  • 33:40 When networking, ask yourself: Who am I overlooking?
  • 35:30 Flourishing for Kelly is an ongoing, personal investment and commitment to herself
  • 38:50 Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts – energy and self-reflection
  • 40:35 How definition of flourishing has changed throughout Kelly’s life and career
  • 44:00 Randomly reach out to someone every day; stop and think of someone else
  • 45:35 Don’t have a Plan B because then you’re not putting everything into Plan A; having relationships is your safety net for when Plan A doesn’t work out

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