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3 Ways People Leaders Can Thrive In 2016

It's a new year, and for many, a new year is synonymous with a fresh start. Resolutions have been made, holiday indulgences have subsided, and aspirations of making 2016 “the best year ever” are at an all-time high.  But studies have shown that while the majority of the population makes New Year's resolutions, a mere 8% actually follow through with achieving those goals.

If done right, People Leaders and HR pros can greatly benefit from setting goals for themselves, allowing them to thrive in 2016. Here are some actionable ways to boost your greatness and the greatness of those you lead this year:

20161) Employ the fresh-start effect more frequently than once a year.

Studies have shown that people are motivated by the fresh-start effect – that aligning goal-setting with key dates (such as the start of a new year) is a great motivator to make a plan of action. But those plans are rarely followed though to completion. In order to achieve long-term goals, it is important to employ the fresh-start effect on an ongoing basis – setting actionable goals for yourself monthly, or even weekly, as opposed to annually.

For more information on the studies that have been conducted around this theory, and tips on how to make this approach to goal-setting work for you, and the people in your organization, watch this short video: How The Fresh-Start Effect Creates A Clean Slate.

2) Don't just plan for tomorrow, take action today.

New Year's resolutions tend to focus on goals that will be achieved by the end of the year, making it easy to put off the action items until a later date. Unfortunately, most brilliant ideas die in the planning stage. Set goals with the intention of beginning the actionable items today. Tighten your deadlines and be specific with your intentions.

For tips on how to see your ideas through to completion, visit my post Planning For Greatness, which includes an exercise that will help you to get your big ideas off the ground.

3) Be a great People Leader and earn your ‘seat at the table'.

In many instances, HR pros are seen as support roles – executing day-to-day tasks as opposed to providing strategic big-picture ideas. Plan to think bigger in 2016! You can do this by identifying challenges faced by your organization and providing possible solutions, thinking outside the box, and keeping on top of industry trends and success stories as they apply to people development.

For specifics on how to move from being a good HR pro to a great People Leader, read this post: What Separates Great HR Leaders From The Rest.

One way to start fresh in the New Year: introduce my licensable leadership programs to your organization. Improve employee performance and happiness at work, and earn your seat at the leadership table. Win-win.

Lisa Martin has made it her mission to help companies keep and cultivate leaders. She’s the creator of the Lead + Live Better leadership programs, author of five books, including the bestselling Briefcase Moms, and she is a seasoned speaker, facilitator and executive coach.

Lisa Martin, PCC

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