What will help you make a bigger impact?

Coaching For More Effective Leadership

Reinforce and sustain your leadership development with executive coaching. Lisa is ICF-and Marshall Goldsmith-certified. She has coached thousands of people to overcome obstacles, tweak behaviors and improve their leadership. Lisa also teaches leaders coaching skills so they can foster a coaching culture and get better results through others.

Lisa’s coaching methodology can best be described as straight-shooting and action-focused.

Be Coached


Executive Coaching Partner

Lisa works closely with individuals to create customized leadership development plans to help them be high-impact, thriving leaders. Her coaching conversations minimize the theory and overwhelm of modern leadership and replace it with practical, actionable strategies to help people remove their blind spots, improve their impact and achieve sustainable results.

Peer Leadership Groups

Small groups of leaders, either intact or cross-functional teams, are coached by Lisa to help them improve their individual and collective impact. Learning together and coaching each other, these peer cohorts increase their self-awareness, grow their leadership skills, transform their relationships, foster a coaching culture and maximize their results.

Peer coach

Be A Coach

Through her custom coaching workshops, Lisa teaches leaders how to effectively use coaching skills to help others grow and succeed. Participants learn how to apply coaching techniques to move individuals and teams forward and overcome everyday workplace challenges. These sessions help build a coaching culture in your organization.