Stop and consider this question for a moment: Who’s in charge of your life?

No really. I know the obvious answer is that you, of course, are fully in charge of your own life. But anyone who has a cap on their happiness level isn’t always the steering the ship.

Read the following statements. Are any of these true for you?

  1. I tend to make life choices based on what’s smart or rational as opposed to what I truly want.
  2. There are things in life I love to do, but almost never do anymore.
  3. I’m not sure if what I do really matters in the grand scheme of things.
  4. There are certain parts of my life I’m really dissatisfied with.
  5. I blame my parents for the way some aspects of my life have played out.

If any of these are even partly true for you, consider it good news. It means you’re starting to see ways to change so you can assume more control of your life.


Use these statements as clues to uncover when and why you let other people take charge. Ask yourself if it’s worth it. Every time you turn an aspect of your life over to someone else, you lose the ability to choose what really makes you happy.

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