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5 Leadership Lessons I've Learned From Leaders I've Coached

One of the benefits of having coached thousands of leaders from various industries and positions over the years is that I am constantly exposed to a variety of personalities, experiences and stories. I learn so much about top leaders – what gets them up in the morning, what keeps them awake at night, and what makes them great…

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How Coaching Others Will Make You A Better Leader

Being a great leader isn't just about being really good at your job. It's about ensuring that those who you lead are satisfied, challenged, and successful in their roles. Job satisfaction in the workplace directly impacts the overall success of a company, and happy employees who stay, stem from leaders who invest in their people. “Leaders grow to be…

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How To Thrive Now That Work-Life Balance Is Dead

I’ll come out and say now, because this post will work better if we’re upfront with each other at the beginning: work-life balance is dead. I wish I could say it lived a good and full life, but it didn’t. Most of the time it was around, it was a buzzword. Work-life balance was never our…

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Good Busy vs. Bad Busy

Are you Stuck in Bad Busy (instead of Good busy)? Is your energy being sucked dry? Are you running around, super-busy, but not getting anything done? It’s the kind of busy that makes you dread the day ahead, hoping things will change – but they don’t. Good Busy vs. Bad Busy There are two kinds…

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Why Leader-Led Learning Is More Fab Than Fad

  Are you training employees or teaching them to learn? Leadership trends come and go as fast as books fall off the best-sellers lists. On the other hand, leader-led learning (also known as leader-led development) is here to stay.  Leader-led learning takes employee development out of the training room and into everyday conversations led by…

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Episode 18: How To Practice Self-Love

What is self-love, and why is it important? What gets in the way of women practicing it? How can you increase your self-love quotient? On this episode of the podcast, I sit down with the co-founder and CEO of SPARK Creations & Company, Inc., Lorie Corcuera, to discuss the importance of self-love, creating meaningful workplaces…

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