Lisa Martin blog post perfection will kill your happiness

Don’t Let Perfection Stunt Your Bliss

Perfection will kill your happiness. When you focus on making everything ‘perfect’, you inevitably get stuck. You hold on too tightly. Pride interferes with admitting you need help. Perfection sucks up energy you could otherwise invest in trying new things and getting creative with your life. A few years ago I had a client –…

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Lisa Martin blog post planning for greatness

Planning for Greatness

I’m going to tell you where most brilliant ideas die: the planning stage. This is when the adrenalin rush simmers down and the reality of budgets, resources and timelines kick-in. This is when negative thoughts show up in your mind to complain about how challenging the project will be. An incredibly wise, successful executive once…

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Lisa Martin blog post own your life

Own Your Life

Stop and consider this question for a moment: Who’s in charge of your life? No really. I know the obvious answer is that you, of course, are fully in charge of your own life. But anyone who has a cap on their happiness level isn’t always the steering the ship. Read the following statements. Are…

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Lisa Martin blog post dancing with time

Dancing with Time

With 2 weeks to go before it's ‘back-to-school/work' time, your to-do list is most likely creeping into the forefront of your mind. As a leader, strict list-making and time-scheduling are not your friends. In fact, I would argue they are enemies of productivity. What you need instead is to have time intelligence. You need to…

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Lisa Martin blog post start a rejuvenation program

Start a Rejuvenation Program

Everyone needs time and space for rejuvenation and personal growth. This is commonsense. It’s how we retain maintain vitality…a zest for life. So, why do so many people neglect to take the time? Lack of capacity is the biggest reason. It stems from a belief the world, as you know it, will end if you…

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Speaking with Lawyers

I recently returned from a speaking engagement in Toronto for Fasken Martineau –  a leading international law firm with 770 lawyers across Canada, the United Kingdom and South Africa. Fasken believes in long-term career development, focused on continual personal development and work-life balance. I shared practices with their team and clients to help them thrive…

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