Lisa Martin blog post elegantly losing

Elegantly Losing

People who are best at life know how to lose.  They move more easily and elegantly through life. They acquire wisdom. They take bigger, smarter risks because they’re less afraid of failure. Good losers take a long-term view, so they’re not shattered by disappointments no matter how dramatic they may seem at the time. I…

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Lisa Martin blog post a busy mind is not your friend

A Busy Mind is Not Your Friend

We live in a world that loves busy people. Loves them. It’s a world that feeds us a steady diet of breaking news and mobile technology. We’re told ‘busy’ means important. Successful. Fabulous. Normal. But here is what’s rarely mentioned, busy minds aren’t so wonderful when you’re in a leadership role. And they don’t allow space…

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Lisa Martin blog post Presence vs Obnoxiousness

Presence vs. Obnoxiousness

Allow me to share some cautionary advice on presence because it can be treacherous territory. Sometimes people think they have presence when in fact, they are exuding something else entirely: obnoxiousness. Now don’t stop reading. I know you think this isn’t you. But obnoxiousness is a spectrum and sometimes it can appear in small or…

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Lisa Martin blog post find your purpose

Find Your Purpose

You’re the only person who can discover your greater reason for being. So I want you to ask yourself the following questions. Take your time with each one, but listen to your gut. Don’t analyze or second-guess. What does your inner voice say? What specific aspects of your career (or vocation) do you find most…

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Cracking The Leadership Code – Begins April 27 2015

When you’re a boss, it’s easy to get worked up about work. The truth is, leadership can be frustrating. But does it have to be? We need a space to reflect and learn impactful strategies to improve our leadership. When we use impactful strategies to solve what we’re worked up about, we help solve the frustrations of our…

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Lisa Martin blog post 3 ways to advance your listening

3 Ways to Advance Your Listening

Sound expert and TED Talker, Julian Treasure, believes we are losing our listening. He says the visual and auditory cacophony that bombards us daily is wearing us thin. We’re too tired to listen. Our poor brains are overwhelmed with digital stimulation. Quieting our minds to simply listen intently to another human being is becoming harder…

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