Why Even You Can and Should Practice Listening | Guest Post for Retail Dietitian Business Alliance

Why Even You Can and Should Practice Listening Most people believe they are listening when others talk. But believing something doesn’t make it real. Leadership coach, Lisa Martin, shares with RDBA her top tips on how to be a better listener; why it’s not only important for your successful career growth as an RD, but…

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Lisa Martin blog post expand your sense of possiblity

Expand Your Sense of Possibility

There are a million directions you can take your life and career. Is anything stopping you from seeing your possibilities? Having a vibrant sense of possibility changes everything. It puts your current situation into a bigger perspective, and a spark of enthusiasm in your heart. Possibility is why children are so full of hope and…

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Lisa Martin blog post coaching vs everything else

Coaching vs. Everything Else

Understanding coaching starts with knowing what it’s not. In the business world, terms like ‘mentoring’, ‘teaching’ and ‘counseling’ are often used interchangeably with ‘coaching’. This is a grand misunderstanding that causes confusion about what coaching actually is. It’s also a personal pet peeve. But I digress. [Tweet “When you coach someone, your mission is to…

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Lisa Martin blog post 3 revealing questions

3 Revealing Questions

Right now, I’d like you to ask yourself 3 revealing questions: Do you sometimes feel discomfort with your life and you can’t trace the cause? Do you sometimes question what you’re here on this planet to do? Do you feel you’re quietly waiting for something to happen to make the pieces of your life fit together and…

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A New Year Means a New Theme

Ever since I began leadership coaching (about 15 years ago) I’ve asked my clients to choose a theme for the coming year. I’m going to ask you to do the same. Over the years my clients have picked all manner of themes including ‘creating community’, ‘power’, ‘dialing back’, ‘authentic passion’ and ‘calm and quiet’. What…

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