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Episode 2: How To Navigate The FLOURISH Success Path

Listen to the Full Episode: Are you happy? Lonely? Are you present in the moment? Feel like you’re on a hamster wheel? Do you feel stuck in your job? Are you inspired by your work? Do you have life/work harmony? On today's episode, I share my thoughts on how to navigate the five stages of…

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Podcast Episode 1: My Why

Listen to the Full Episode: Welcome to the first episode of the FLOURISH for Female Leaders Podcast, Season 1. I am thrilled to be able to FINALLY share this podcast with you as I have been wanting to do this for years now, but I always found a reason to put it off. Until now. Today…

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New Podcast To Launch In iTunes

  The FLOURISH for Female Leaders Podcast, hosted by Leadership Author and Executive Coach Lisa Martin, is for women who want to rise & thrive in their leadership and life. It's for women who want to be purposeful, fulfilled and impactful. Listen and learn as Lisa shares tangible How-To’s, Interviews and No BS insights from…

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How to Communicate Like a Leader

Right message. Right way. Right time. That’s the essence to communicate effectively, which is far and away — FAR AND AWAY — the No. 1 issue that comes up in my coaching work. I was also (in a former life) a PR/comms executive, so I’ve seen essentially every type of communication issue out there.  …

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Are you Truly Listening?

Most people believe they are listening when others talk. But of course believing something doesn’t make it real. We live in a society where it’s common to read an incoming text or email while sitting across the table from someone. You may find yourself scanning the news while you’re on a conference call, or mentally preparing for one…

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How to Coach To Lead

One of my clients, a SVP of Sales for mid-size company, came to me with this recently: he had essentially dressed down one of his direct reports at a company all-hands meeting. ‘Mark,’ the direct report, had vastly under-performed the previous year. He missed all four quarterly quotas. My client was drilling ‘Mark’ on every…

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