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Act Like A Coach

Being a coach has everything to do with stellar communication. It starts by meeting someone where they are, and not speaking to them as though they should know more than they do. Non-judgmental language is crucial to coach-style leadership. From there coaching is about asking the right questions. Many executives lean toward a pointed-style of questioning that can be…

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3 Ways To Become A Trusted Leader

In the fall of 2016, I decided I’d participate in Mudderella with a group of friends. That’s a 5K obstacle course with the ultimate goal of fundraising that benefits breast cancer. I’ll be honest; I’m not athletic at all. 5K isn’t super long, no, but it’s still 3.1 miles of mud, waist high water, ropes…

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Building Trust Is The Key To Collaboration

You can’t inspire and lead collaborative efforts without one fundamental requirement: trust. Do people believe you’ll do what you say you will? Here’s the reality of many corporate cultures. People are in a meeting, mostly agreeing on a stated direction. Discussion takes place. Commitments are made. People leave the room. Some of what was discussed happens…

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10 Ways To Deal With Self-Doubt

Important confession up front here: I suffer from self-doubt. I’m sure you may have experienced self-doubt, too. How am I so sure of that? Well, many leaders have confided in me that they’ve had bouts of self-doubt. In fact, a few years ago I coached a well-known business leader with a strong North American presence.…

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Embrace Fear

Here’s an interesting note on human nature. People tend to stay the same unless they believe they have more to gain than lose by changing. That’s why people stay in unhealthy relationships or careers they find unsatisfying. It’s why some people are always cooking up a grand new scheme, but never actually implement it. More…

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How To Give Powerful Presentations Every Time [Free Cheat Sheet]

You’ve done your research, clarified your messaging, practiced your delivery and finally, the big presentation arrives. You’re going in confident. You make your case to the audience or executives or whomever. It absolutely bombs. As you turn it over in your head for days (weeks) afterwards, one thought keeps popping back up: What the heck…

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