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[New Webinar] 5 Ways To Build Presence

Do you have it? Do they have it?

Do you (and those you lead) command the room, leave a lasting impression and inspire a sense of trust in others?

If there were a way to help you and your people show up every day confident and decisive – able to build strong relationships, communicate effectively, and be graceful under pressure, would you try it?

It turns out, those are the results people get when they master the skill of presence (a topic I cover in my LEAD ADVANCED program).

What is presence?

People who possess leadership presence exude credibility and confidence. They can hold their own with influential people. Heck, they are influential.

In fact, research tells us that ‘leadership presence’ counts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted.

Ever wonder what enables some people to shine and stand out, while others seem to fade away in the background? I get this question all the time from my clients.

I have the answer, and I want to share it with you.

Webinar PresenceI’m hosting a FREE 30-minute live webinar – to share with you my proven methodology to build presence. Until now, I’ve only shared this content with my executive coaching clients and the organizations that license my turnkey leadership program LEAD ADVANCED.

The webinar will be on June 15th, and I'll be discussing ‘5 Ways To Build Presence: How To Unleash Leadership Confidence, Influence & Performance.’



Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • Why presence is the ‘X-Factor’ of the business world (and who’s got it and who doesn’t)
  • How people who exude presence are able to easily influence others and get what they want (including promotions and more pay)
  • A mini assessment to determine if you (and your team) possess a high level of presence OR obnoxiousness (no one wants to believe they’re obnoxious, that’s why they are blind to it)
  • The 5 elements of building presence and why you need to master each one
  • How body language says more about you than you think
  • The most important thing leaders must do support their people to improve their presence
  • An inside look at how I teach presence in the LEAD ADVANCED program

 Webinar Details:

5 Ways To Build Presence: How to unleash leadership confidence, influence and performance
June 15th 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT


Interested in learning the secret to leadership presence, but your schedule is too jammed for you to attend? Don’t worry, I’m recording it – but you'll need to register to access the recording.

If you have questions about whether the LEAD ADVANCED program is a good fit for your organization, send your questions to

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