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We incorporated Lisa Martin’s Coaching Fundamentals course as a module in our Sierra Systems leadership development program and it was a fantastic success! From start to finish, Lisa had the group engaged and actively listening. She is a phenomenal facilitator and her deep expertise in coaching shone through as she facilitated. All of our participants felt the concepts discussed were immediately applicable to their leadership roles. In a half-day course, our leaders unlearned some big preconceptions, practiced coaching and every one of them left the session feeling more confident in their ability to coach others. Thank you Lisa!"

Stephanie Hollingshead, CPHR,Vice President, Human Resources
Sierra Systems


Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver PwC

“We brought Lisa in to support our women so that they will continue to grow with our firm. The dialogue Lisa creates around work-life balance is key to her success. Through stories and lots of humor, Lisa gave our women permission to be vulnerable so they could assess their situation honestly and come up with their own solutions. She also helped us foster a community of support within PwC so our women didn’t feel alone anymore.”

Hazel Claxton - National Human Capital Leader, PwC

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Deloitte

“We brought in Lisa to help us better understand the challenges and opportunities facing our talented women. She did a terrific job of uncovering key issues and worked directly with our high-performers to support them to improve their leadership skills and effectiveness. Lisa also facilitated an excellent session with our partners and leadership team that resulted in better communication between leaders and top talent, and the development of new, targeted retention and advancement initiatives.”

Cheryl Manuel - Associate Partner, Deloitte

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Teekay

"LMI programs help organizations invest in their most important asset by providing employees at all levels with clear and effective ways to build their value and impact results."

Kristy-Lynn Lechner - Manager Leadership Development, Teekay Corporation

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Teekay

"Excellent program. The content effectively dissects some key leadership competencies, allowing the participants to understand each further and develop these through various means such as: individual reflection, one to one’s and interactive group work sessions. In my day to day work, I am more conscious of how I look as a leader and my tweaks give me focused goals to practise and develop these, ensuring I continuously grow as a leader. I firmly believe that leadership is a continuous journey and the Rockstar Leader Program is an effective tool as part of this to allow participants to be the best they can be."

Iain Gunn - Project Development Manager, Teekay Corporation


"I had the pleasure of engaging Lisa for a Board leadership strengths session with IABC/BC. The workshop was highly relevant, incredibly useful and put us on a solid path for the year. In general, Lisa has deep expertise in the area of leadership and has a talent for building and packaging leadership concepts so they are digestible and doable. Her e-books are packed full of insightful and practical information. She's also highly articulate, engaging and personable."

Catherine Ducharme - Recruitment Consultant, Smart, Savvy + Associates


"It was wonderful to have your participation and key messages as part of our day. The feedback we have received has been extremely positive. People really liked your approachable style and sense of humour not to mention the thought provoking and action-inducing content. We've challenged attendees to hold each other accountable to their action plans!"

Lydia Cutler - TD Bank


"I love Lisa's work. She always offers valuable wisdom and practical exercises, bundled with a dash of humor. In our busy, conformity-filled world, 6 Practices to Live Bigger and 6 Practices to Master the Art of Thriving enable us to reflect on what's important to us as individuals and how to achieve it."

Greg Ford - CEO & Co-Founder at TalentClick

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Teekay

This program and content are excellent. It has had a definite impact on the way I lead our team. It’s also enabled me to better adapt to challenges and conflicts day to day. I would not hesitate to recommend it to any leader or manager no matter how new or experienced.

Barry Kozminski - IT Technical Operations Manager, Teekay Corporation

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver HSBC

“With Lisa’s Success Is a Balancing Act, HSBC Bank Canada launched our first national program to support our female employees nationwide. With our vision to build an inclusive environment at HSBC where women can go as far and as fast as their talents and aspirations will take them, Lisa, as facilitator and coach helped us begin our journey. She has a high degree of credibility and integrity, and her passion for individual and organizational success is contagious. She quickly won over more than 400 employees across Canada with her sense of humor and her knowledge on how to increase their productivity and grow their careers at HSBC.”

Sue Hutchison - SVP Commercial Banking, BC Region and Head, Women’s Network, HSBC Bank Canada


"As an executive coach, Lisa profoundly supported my leadership growth for two years as I navigated a new role. I looked forward to our monthly sessions where she would listen and ask me important questions that helped me address my own challenges. I appreciated how her approach was to empower me to take full responsibility for my leadership growth."

Navida Nuraney - Executive Director at ArtStarts in Schools

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Deloitte

“Lisa’s program is retention tool with impact…as it gives women a real feeling of increased support. My biggest gain was recognizing I can’t be all things to everyone in my life and discovering boundaries for myself. I wish I had done this 15 years ago.”

Catharine McMaster - Partner, Deloitte

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Deloitte

“Deloitte’s success depends on attracting and retaining top talent. Lisa has helped us to better understand and support our working mothers. Providing these employees with a forum where they can explore and define a better balance shows that we value them. Our return on investment has been tremendous.”

Sean McConkey - Associate Partner, National Talent, Deloitte

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Telus

“We offered Lisa’s workshop to our women’s network across Canada. More than six hundred women participated and gave rave reviews about the valuable work-life tools that were shared. In fact, 100% of those attending said they would recommend Lisa’s workshop to others at TELUS. For our TELUS women’s network this was a big win.”

Jill Schnarr - VP, Community Affairs & Executive Director of Connections, TELUS


“Lisa Martin’s Success is a Balancing Act seminar helped our group understand that small changes can make a big difference. Her presentation challenged us to really understand what our core values were and what our current value gap was, while giving us a framework to develop actions to move towards those values. The seminar was both positive and practical in giving us the tools to self-assess the difference between our needs and our wants, using this as a first step to allow us to achieve our own personal balance and success.”

Curt Walker - CMA, Director of Finance, Whiski Jack Hotels & Resorts


“Thank you for helping members of my team and me with strategic skills development to maximize our leadership potential. Team members enjoyed your positive approach and learned valuable communication and career-building skills. I personally have increased my productivity, enhanced my influencing expertise and become a better leader as a result of your insightful and inspiring coaching.”Thanks for investing the time with us Lisa.”

Charles Haugabrook - Vice President, Strategy & Sales Channel Development, Time Warner Cable

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Blakes Lawyers

“Lisa has great presence and connected well to an audience of professional women. Her ideas are good, her style was practical and she has good life experience. She created an environment where women felt comfortable talking about their personal struggles and successes. Everyone participating in the session walked away feeling like they had learned something about themselves and about how to better manage their lives.”

Mary Jackson - Chief Officer, Legal Personnel & Professional Development, Blakes

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver Teekay

We used the LEAD program at Teekay and were impressed with how well designed and easy to implement it was. It comes with great ebooks, surveys, guides, and train-the-trainer materials. It is a great core or add-on leadership program to offer.

Lois Nahirney - Executive Vice President, Corporate Resources, Teekay Corporation

Clients Lisa Martin International Vancouver UBC

“Lisa provided valuable input and co-facilitation for an initial team building session with a diverse group of Faculty communicators. Her involvement led to a positive outcome and provided a strong foundation for this group working more collaboratively in the longer term. As a facilitator and communicator she brought a unique skill set to the group which was very helpful.”

Linda Bartz - Director Communications Faculty of Medicine, UBC


"We had the pleasure of having Lisa present on Communication Techniques to members of our Company of Young Professionals Program. Her presentation was highly engaging, inspiring and interactive. Lisa took the time to understand our goals and delivered more than expected. I strongly recommend Lisa to any organization or individual seeking better results."

Austin Nairn - Director, Member Programs at The Vancouver Board of Trade