Over the past 15 years, I've made it my mission to help companies keep and cultivate leaders. Through my books and my work as a speaker, facilitator and executive coach, I've helped people to thrive and make an impact – it's what drives me!

I’ve had the privilege of working directly with leaders and organizations of all shapes and sizes. These folks don’t pay lip service to the notion that ‘people are their greatest asset’.  They live it.

Recently, I shared a post on why companies lose their best employees, and how the key to keeping great employees is to ensure that they receive the guidance and leadership they need to succeed in their roles. I summarized that leadership development = engaged employees = company profitability.

In my experience, there are different ways organizations like to handle leadership development. Some organizations want full-service, hands-on support from external consultants and others have the capacity to manage leadership development programs in-house.  They just need the right tools to make it happen efficiently and effectively. That’s where licensing leadership development solutions can come into play.

Use this 6-point checklist to determine if licensing is the right leadership development solution for your organization.

leadership development1) Our company has the capacity to implement leadership development programs internally – the right people, the time, funding, and executive support.

2) We want proven leadership development content that has generated results for organizations similar to our own.

3) We’re seeking actionable content we can deliver our way on our schedule, without relying on the availability of an outside consultant.

4) We want all the tools required to roll out a leadership development program, including 360 assessments, guides, manuals, etc.

5) We have people in place that can be trained to confidently deliver program content.

6) We want the flexibility to customize the program to cater to the specific needs of our company.

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these points, you’ll want to consider licensing a turnkey leadership development solution.

Companies who have taken this route and licensed our Lead + Live Better™ Leadership Programs have seen great results.  Perhaps this is the next step for you?

Lisa Martin International is a boutique leadership development firm with global scope. We help organizations unlock people potential and catapult business results.  We equip companies to deliver powerful leadership development in-house with our turnkey leadership licensing solutions.

Lisa Martin, PCC

About Lisa Martin, PCC

I help high achievers – people like you – Lead + Live Better™. I support new and seasoned leaders to gain the clarity and confidence to work more effectively and have more impact. And I equip organizations with leadership development programs which cultivate amazing leaders at every level.


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