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Get the inspiration, training, and resources you need to improve your leadership via online learning. You can learn directly with Lisa or take a self-study course and learn at your own pace. Lisa uses a web-based platform to provide a rich learning experience for students, regardless of their location.

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FLOURISH is a global, online community that connects women who want to rise and thrive in their leadership and life. Its purpose is to close the gap between success and life.


With registration closed, we will now shift our focus to our community and coaching. If you would like to be notified next time FLOURISH enrollment opens, sign-up for our VIP Member Waitlist, and when you do, you’ll also receive a copy of the FLOURISH Success Path.


FLOURISH LIVE is an educational and experiential forum for female leaders seeking to become more purposeful, fulfilled and impactful. Find out what happens when high-achieving women come together to improve their leadership and life.

Tight shot 5 Steps to Your Best Presentation Ever

With 5 STEPS TO YOUR BEST PRESENTATION EVER you'll learn how to win in meetings, boardrooms, team performance, phone calls, town halls, keynotes and more. It's a 5-part online, self-study course that gives you concrete steps to elevate your presentations so you're more influential and impactful. You'll receive video training with Lisa, plus resources to help you master your presentations to 1 person or 1000.

Thriving of strivingwebsite

THRIVING OVER STRIVING is a 5-week guided experience designed around an A-Z concept of leading self. It features 26, 1-minute narration videos explaining each ‘letter’ concept, i.e. B is for Boundaries, and providing a coaching question to move you forward, plus PDFs and summary worksheets. The videos are grouped in 5 batches under the following themes: Kick-Start; Bliss; Self-Care; Focus; and Sustain.

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