Develop Leaders In Less Time With More Ease

When you license a Lead + Live Better™ solution, you won’t have to build a leadership program from scratch (time consuming) or rely on external consultants (expensive). You can deliver proven programs your way on your schedule. And customize or white label a program to align with your unique needs and branding. It's a simple step-by-step process.


Step 1


We’ll work with you to determine your needs and discuss the leadership development solutions that will best grow your people and business.

Initial Chat > Needs Analysis > Proposal

What you get: A really good feeling that we can help you unlock people potential and catapult your results.

Step 2


You’ll license the right solutions to achieve your organizational goals.

Contract > Invoice > Schedule

What you get: Turnkey licensing solutions that align perfectly with your business needs.


Step 3


If you choose a basic license for any of our leadership programs you can skip this step. You’re ready to go straight to Training.

You’ll also have the option to tailor any Lead + Live Better™ leadership program to your specific needs. Maybe you’ll want: a corporate message, naming rights or fully-branded content?

Basic > Custom > White Label

What you get: Exactly what you want in a leadership development program.

Step 4


Using our guidelines, you’ll identify the right internal facilitators/teachers.

We’ll conduct training sessions and walk your trainers through each step of the program. They’ll get super comfortable with the program content and tools.

Facilitators > Tools > Training

What you get: Confident facilitators who can deliver the content in their own unique style.


Step 5


Using our guidelines, you’ll determinethe perfect roll-out plan for your organization.

Explore > Plan > Implement

What you get: The freedom to deliver your leadership development program your way on your schedule.

Step 6


You’ll launch the program. Engagement will soar, accolades will pour in and your CEO will congratulate you on implementing a program that gets killer results!

Roll-out > Results > Respect

What you get: High-impact, thriving leaders who unlock your organization’s innovation, growth and overall success.


Frequently Asked Questions